So where did it all begin?

It started in the UK in a town called Middlesbrough, one man with a big dream started a company named Unitel Direct, little did he know that this brand would grow to be known as one of the biggest brands in the UK for internet advertising!

As his company grew, the teams grew with it, employing more and more experienced and helpful customer services agents helped shape the business into what it is today and this was apparent.

As the teams grew, he wanted to ensure that his customers experience wasn’t hindered by the varied people they had the chance to speak to, so what did he do? He designed and implemented a system that ensured that customers didn’t wait more than 30 seconds for their call to be answered by someone who had dealt with the account before.

Unitel Direct went through the roof! As a result, sister companies where created and secured under the Unitel Direct Group of companies. Each business had the same ambition and drive as the other and at the head of every scenario was how things would impact the customer.

He came to learn that he was pretty good at this call centre stuff and it was this realisation that lead to the birth of Unitel Contact Centres.




The agents will undergo extensive training before they are placed on your campaign. Each time they answer your calls, they will follow the guidelines set out by you.

We are passionate about providing exceptional customer service. We understand that first impressions count, that is why we take your trust in us being the ‘business voice’ of your company very seriously.

Our agents demonstrate professionalism and excellence with every call they answer – a report of each call will be sent to you by our customer relations team.

Unitel Contact Centres is one of the UK’s biggest call outsourcing companies.

We ensure that each agent we use has over 3 years’ experience in the call centre industry so that we can be sure we are putting the best possible people on your campaign.

Having well trained, experienced staff isn’t what makes us stand out from the crowd though, it’s our way of doing things and our way of ensuring quality to our clients.

Get this, we have placed an experienced team of agents from the UK in each of our centres to ensure that training and help are there when it is needed the most.

We have years of experience delivering high-quality services for a wide range of clients, our agents use state of the art dialer platforms to ensure fantastic call quality!


If you’re interested in using our highly trained PAs to aid your business, fill in the form below and submit it and one of our team will be in touch to put together a package to meet your needs!