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Seamless And Uninterrupted Live Chat Support Services

We help you offer the best support to your customers with dedicated live chat support services for your business!

Unitel Contact Centres offers prompt and efficient live chat support services for businesses of all kinds and sizes. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can cater to all kinds of requirements when it comes live chat support.

A number of businesses struggle to stay connected with their customers due to the lack of 24×7 live chat support resources. If your business needs to interact with customers and give them access to 24×7 chat support, then we are here to facilitate that for you.

What Makes Our Live Chat Support Services Stand Out?

With a dedicated team of professionals and advanced resources and technology, our live chat support services are not like anything else in the market. We are dedicated to managing the expectations of our clients and we provide seamless 24×7 live chat support to resolve all queries and concerns of your customers. The key areas we cover include:

Why are we the favourite of our clients?

  • Proficient, trained and professional team with years of experience.
  • We have customised scripted chat manuals to handle customer queries and complaints.
  • Dedicated agents for every customer account.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Advanced technology and tracking for all kinds of communication needs of businesses.
  • Scalable online chat support solutions.