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Content Writer

We are looking for an experienced content writer to join our new Kolkata branch. This will involve working closely with SEO & digital marketing experts and business strategists to come up with effective and scalable solutions.

Responsibilities :
• Must be skilled in writing press release and other articles, blogs, web content and     promotional content.
•Title construction and structuring of posts.
• Develop and execute successful SEO strategies.
• Conduct rigorous keyword research to guide the team of content writers.
• Review technical issues of SEO and recommend solution.
• Optimize website content and landing pages.
• Build links for direct off-page optimization.
• Collect data and produce report on traffic, rankings and other SEO aspects.
• Optimize campaigns teaming up with Social Media team.
• Keep up with the latest market trends of SEO best practices

Key Skills we are looking for :

SEO, Digital Marketing, SEO Tools, Link building, Analytics, Keyword Research

Required Experience and Qualifications :

• An educational background in disciplines of English, Journalism and Mass Communication is preferred.
• Must possess knowledge on standard and current SEO practices.
• Must have experience with SEO reporting.
• Must be accustomed with relevant tools and web analytics tools.
• Should have strong project management skills.
• Should be familiar with blog posting, Article posting, keyword research and on/off page optimization.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Knowledge of SEO and how it applies to content marketing
• Knowledge of analytics tools like Google and Bing analytics.

Who Can Apply:

Experienced candidates (with over 1 year of experience)is preferred,.

Interested candidates may contact us at

Job Type: Full-time

Office Location: Martin Burn Business Park, Level 7, Unit – 7A, BP Block, Salt Lake Sector – V, Kolkata – 700091 (Beside Technopolish Building)\